With Kiddotravel we want to make sure that you travel carefree and that everything is organized and carried out in a responsible way. When composing the trips, we take into account people, environment, nature and culture.

That is why we work with local partners who treat their employees and guides with great care. They also ensure that these organisations work in a responsible manner when selecting the activities.

We also choose the smaller hotels, where local people are often in charge, so that you also have contact with the local population.





You can also do your bit:

  • Respect the local culture and traditions.
  • Turn off the air conditioning and lights when you leave your accommodation and don’t use too much water.
  • Always respect the nature and the beaches where you go and clean up all the mess after a picnic.
  • Eat in local restaurants, so you can help to support the families.



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Why choose Kiddotravel

  • Cool holidays for cool kids.

    Based on our knowledge and experience of travelling with our own children, we create exciting itineraries that are tailored to the age and interests of your family. And child-friendly accommodations are our priority.


  • Tailor-made for each individual family

    We know that every family is different, that is why we work with building blocks. You and your kids can create the ideal trip for your family by choosing the activities and places you like.


  • Travel the world without worries

    We make sure that the itinerary is perfectly organized from A to Z, with all reservations on site for activities, accommodations or trips.


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