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The idea for Kiddotravel originated from our passion for travel. For us, the ultimate way to enjoy, discover and, above all, escape from the hectic business life in which we have been living. Over the past 20 years, we have both worked in management positions at various international companies.  We have built up experience in organisation, management, tourism and marketing.

Together with our three sons (14, 12 and 8 years old) we have already made some fantastic trips.

We didn’t have time to map out the journey from A to Z and we also found it safer to work with an organization that knows the situation in the country and could recommend nice accommodations.

What we discovered in our search for the ideal trip: many companies can organize a good holiday, but few are specialized in creating a suitable trip for families with children. Most organisations offer round trips with the highlights of a country and the children just have to follow. Also the hotels are not always adapted to children.

Then it suddenly became clear: that is what we want to do.  Because of our experience in tourism, we have good local contacts. We have visited the countries we offer and looked for activities that your children will love as they have really been tried out by children. And of course we book nice accommodations.

We also noticed that every member of a family has different wishes on holiday. One wants to take it easy and chill out on a beautiful beach, the other wants to actively zipline through the jungle ….We therefore propose our new concept with building blocks: you and your family can build the coolest holiday according to your own wishes.



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